Welcome to The Spark Series!

Wedding videographers based in Manila, Philippines

Serving a limited number of couples since 2014.

Nikko & Vero

WE love it raw

Let your wedding video show the true you. Let’s keep it real — no pretentions. no acting needed. If it’s a happy wedding, then it’s a happy video. If it’s a dramatic wedding, then it’s a dramatic video. We won’t dictate what your mood should be. We will shoot your wedding as an audience, not as a director.

we love it cinematic

Allow our creativity to add an artistic flavor in your video. We love shooting from unique angles, using flares, lights and shadows; almost everything and anything pleasing to the eye. Our storytelling mixed with stunning visuals will create a lasting video you’ll love watching for the rest of your lives.

Let the light in!

We’d love to tell your story. Let’s connect and talk about how we can make your beautiful wedding video.